CG Supervisor

Working Location

Vienna, Austria

Working Location

Vienna, Austria



Salary (based on experience)

depending on experience

Salary (based on experience)

depending on experience


Monstrous Mia


Monstrous Mia

More details about this position:

CG Supervisor - Monstrous Mia

The Project:

Monstrous Mia, the scary and at the same time very relatable story of a young girl struggling with her identity and while being sent to a monster school finds true friends and goes through personal growth helping her find her own voice.

This is the lovely story that will cover cinema canvases in 2025 and we’d love you to be a part of the development of this masterpiece. More precisely speaking, we need a talented all-around CG Supervisor that will make sure all departments can work smoothly together and are aware of all the technical details their work has to follow so it fits the pipeline.

About us: 

We are arx anima based in Vienna's 5th district and have been producing animation cinema productions for years. We also have the courage to try every new technical challenge and innovation. 

Be it pioneering in lighting with Houdini Solaris / USD workflows, the realization of a high-end MoCap studio, or the construction of the largest render farm in Austria. And besides all the R&D, features, and series we love to work on creatively animated commercials and other service work. For example, we just revived Mozart through an immersive 360° art projection about Vienna in his era.

Your Position:
We are seeking a skilled and experienced CG Supervisor to join our team. As a CG Supervisor, you will be responsible for overseeing and guiding the technical and creative aspects of a CGI  production. Your expertise and leadership will be crucial in maintaining high-quality standards, managing the CG pipeline, and collaborating with artists and production teams to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

Experience in producing animated movies and/or series in the same or a similar position for at least 3 years

  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate and guide a team.

  • The ability to design workflows and handle complexity

  • Collaborate with the production team to establish project goals, timelines, and resource requirements.

  • Lead and manage a team of  artists, providing guidance, feedback, and support throughout the production process.

  • Conduct regular reviews and provide constructive feedback to artists to improve the quality and consistency of work.

  • Ensure adherence to production schedules and deadlines while maintaining the quality standards.

  • Deep understanding of the technical needs to define the production requirements

  • Proficiency in industry-standard software and tools such as Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and other relevant CGI software.

  • Proven problem-solving abilities and a meticulous attention to detail.

  • Strong understanding of the entire production pipeline and the ability to identify and resolve technical challenges.

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality.

Hard Facts:

Personnel responsibilities: Yes

Payment: Our compensation is based on experience and according to the collective agreement

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Vienna at our lovely studio at Wehrgasse 9 - arx anima

Weekly hours: 38.5

Why work with arx anima and not anywhere else?

Besides our lovely studio with a beautiful sunny courtyard filled with tables and chairs for a perfect lunch break at arx you’ll get:

  • Bonuses and discount codes from the gym to shopping

  • Regular parties that besides pizza and beer also come with great company

  • Obviously coffee and little snacks & vitamins

  • And most importantly: work experience on some of the biggest animation projects in Europe, which you’ll benefit from in your career

What are you waiting for? Join our lovely studio in Vienna, work hard on an awesome project and have tasty lunch breaks with great people in what is arguably the nicest courtyard in the town.

Chat GPT says:

Are you ready to embark on a monstrous adventure? Monstrous Mia, the tale of a young girl finding her voice while navigating a monster school, is coming to the big screens in 2025. We're searching for a talented CG Supervisor to join our team of misfit animators and help shape this masterful creation.

Arx anima, based in Vienna's 5th district, is not your average animation studio. We fearlessly tackle every technical challenge that comes our way. From illuminating Houdini Solaris with mind-blowing USD workflows to creating a state-of-the-art MoCap studio in our basement, we're all about pushing boundaries. We even resurrected Mozart through a mind-bending 360° art projection, transporting him to the streets of Vienna!

As our CG Supervisor, you'll be the maestro behind the scenes, working closely with the Head of Computer Graphics and Production Manager. Your mission? Unveiling potential strategies, assessing technical wizardry, and conjuring up production schedules that would impress even the most fearsome monsters. You'll be a leader and a hands-on contributor, guiding the team through the magical realms of Preproduction and Production.

In the land of assets and pixels, your keen eye and experience will ensure that everything runs smoothly. You'll spot potential hurdles and wrangle them into submission, making sure all assets meet the highest quality standards. Working alongside the Production Manager, you'll keep the timeline on track and ensure seamless transitions between departments, from the birth of assets to the final rendering.

But that's not all! In addition to your managerial prowess, you'll also get your hands dirty, quite literally. You'll dive into the enchanting world of environment prototyping, evaluating dimensions, complexity, and usability during the layout phase. And fear not, dear CG Supervisor, for you'll collaborate with the Environment Supervisor to bring these whimsical realms to life.

Now, let's talk requirements. We're seeking someone with at least 3 years of experience in producing animated movies or series, ideally in a similar position. Leadership skills are a must, and a knack for problem-solving is like a hidden treasure. You'll be the master of workflows, effortlessly juggling complexity like a circus performer. Technical savvy is crucial, as you'll define production requirements and ensure a technology-driven environment that lets artists unleash their creative powers. If you have experience with fur and cloth, that's a bonus! Maya and Houdini are your trusty allies, and a deep understanding of the asset department will make you a true hero in our production workflow.

But let's not forget about your social skills! A sense of humor and respect for your fellow coworkers will make you an instant hit. And let's not overlook the importance of lunch breaks in our lovely courtyard, arguably the most delightful in town.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our wondrous studio in Vienna, where dreams come to life. Be part of an awesome project, work hard, and create magic with a team of incredible artists. Apply now and get ready for an adventure of monstrous proportions!