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Working Location



Interest in learning, Open minded, hardworking


Interest in learning, Open minded, hardworking

Salary (based on experience)


Salary (based on experience)






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An Internship Program that you’ll remember

Are you afraid of an internship where you’ll just sit around doing nothing and get someone a coffee at best but walk home with no new experiences or friends? No worries that won’t happen at arx anima. We’re always working on very diverse projects & our project supervisors are always super happy to pass on responsibility & tasks that you’re interested in. Besides that, we make sure that you get the right guidance & mentoring needed to progress and learn new stuff. And the only coffee you’re going to have to get is your own.

Why should you do your internship at arx anima?

Well, firstly our internships have a base length of 3 months giving you way more opportunities to work on interesting projects for a longer period of time. Secondly, Vienna is the most livable city in the world and arguably also the most beautiful one. And, you’ll always be able to say that you’ve “worked in a multiple award winning studio 😎”. But what really matters is the talent that made us achieve those, and this exact talent will be there to help you refining of your own skills & make you grow as a professional. An internship at arx anima will be an experience that you’ll stay grateful for. Promise.

Don’t just take our word for it here’s what our latest intern had to say:

“Already on my first day, I got an opportunity to design new ideas for some clients. I was given a ton of responsibility & had the chance to work on interesting assignments. In the end, I understand how to work well as a team learned new programs got so much knowledge about how a professional animation production studio works, and that allowed me to grow as an artist.” - LAURA

“When I joined I was part of the team on day one. All my colleagues were happy to include me in interesting projects & showed a ton of appreciation for my work but also provided me with the necessary, genuine, and helpful feedback. Those are the reasons why I stayed here since 2020” - EFFY

Typically but not necessarily our interns have an interest in or are studying any of the following subjects:

  • visual effects

  • animation

  • games

  • real-time computing

  • computer science IT software development

  • film or TV production

  • design illustration or fine art

  • management

Therefore we have the following internship positions. These are usually very flexible and we are also willing to open new internship positions depending on interesting applications:

  • Animator

  • Rigger

  • Lighter

  • Compositing

  • Motion capture

  • Software development

  • Pipeline TD

  • Production

  • Coordinator

  • Administration

  • HR

  • Design Generalist 2d/3d

  • 3D Generalist

  • Concept Artist

  • Modeling

  • Texturing

  • IT

  • Finance

  • Script

  • Editorial

Sounds like we’re the right place for your journey?

Well, what are you waiting for? Join us!