The World is RONDO!

  • date March 2013
  • for MED-EL
  • task Storyboard, Modelling, Animation, Rendering, Compositing

To introduce a new product to the market, you need someone to help you with that – someone who can visualise it in an breathtaking way. And so did Med-El, who invented the world's first CI single-uni processor "Rondo", a revolutionary hearing aid Made in Austria, which should support hearing impaired people in their everyday life.

The production of this 2-minute spot included design and production of high-quality, low-poly environments, modelling of hundreds of props for set dressing, creature animation, crowd simulation, technical supervision on set for tracking setup, rendering and compositing.

arx anima is proud to have produced this full CG spot and thereby was able to realize this project for ≫MED-EL.