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Rabbit Academy - Mission Eggpossible - Feature

  • date 2019 - 2021

The Rabbit Academy is in turmoil: The cunning gang bunny Leo allies with the foxes to abolish Easter! Will the city bunny Max and the other master bunnies succeed in saving Easter?

Based on the feature film "The Rabbit Academy : Guardians of the Golden Egg" and loosely adapted from the classic book "The Rabbit Academy " by Fritz Koch-Gotha and Albert Sixtus.

A German-Austrian co-production.

Genre Family Entertainment

Format, Length CGI-Feature, about 76 min

Target Audience Families, Core audience: 5-10 year olds


Distributor LEONINE Distribution

Script Katja Grübel 

Regie Ute von Münchow-Pohl

Key Visual Artists Anne Hofmann (Art Director), Heiko Lueg (Co-Art Director), Gerlinde Godelmann (Character Design)

Dramaturgy Katharina Wicke, Claudio Winter

Executive Producer Imke Fehrmann, Valentin Greulich, Solveig Langeland

Coproducers Dunja Bernatzky & Kris Staber (arx anima), Sebastian Ruschke (SERU Animation), Bernhard zu Castell (LEONINE Distribution)

Producer Dirk Beinhold

Sponsors MOIN FFHSH, MFG, HessenFilm, Filmstiftung NRW, MBB, nordmedia, DFFF, FFA, BKM Neustart Kultur, ÖFI, Filmfonds Wien, FISA, Creative Europe