• Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen

The Elfkins - Baking a Difference - Feature

  • date March 2019
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Helvi is an Elfkin. She lives with the other Elfkins underground, and has done so for 200 years, since they fled from Cologne. So it's no wonder that Helvi can't stand it any longer! She decides to go on an adventure and to explore the surface, where she meets the Heinzel boys Kipp and Butz. In the world of humans, Helvi wants to find her true talent. When she meets the grumpy confectioner Theo and nibbles on his baked goods, she also wants to become a confectioner, which Theo isn't at all enthusiastic about at first...

Come follow Helvi on her adventure in cinema in September 2019!