Movie 'E-Pigs'

  • date June 2009
  • for Fried Pictures
  • task Animation

E-Pigs is a lovestory about a 'peasant couple' who tries to find a mate for their pig. While doing so they end up with a half physical, half digital one which comes from a wasteland of technological garbage.

E-Pigs has won the ≫Vesna Award at ≫Slovenian Film Festival and is selected for many more short film festivals, such as ≫bornshorts2010, ≫Riverfilmfestival, ≫BFI London, ≫Seattle International Filmfestival, ≫Cleveland International Film Festival and ≫Nashville Filmfestival

arx anima is proud that we have been responsible for making all the animations for this lovely movie and thereby were able to help ≫Fried Pictures and director ≫Petar Pasic realise this project.