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Claris FileMaker Developer

  • date 31.05.2022
  • for Claris FileMaker Developer
  • task + scripting / programming - Python + MAYA + Personnel responsibility

You’re a FileMaker with enthusiasm for creativity? You’ll love this.

About us:

We’re arx anima located in the 5th district of Vienna brewing up cinema productions for years now & those got us multiple awards already. Besides that we have the guts to try every new technical challenge and innovation you’d think of.

What are we looking for?

So that our crazy projects work out, we’re developing our own software called Marvin. It’s a hybrid between different types of software being able to process our entire company. Doesn’t matter if it’s HR, project-management, Finance, time-tracking etc. It’s the whole package.

To fit this role you have to be very user oriented & be able to deeply understand the use case of Marvin and how it can support the company. You will face a lot of creative challenges along the way, which you’ll be able to tackle with your partner on the project.

Experience wise we’re looking for anything mid & above. So if you have 3 years under the belt we’re talking.

Also, this role will take anywhere from 10-20h per week.

What skills do you need & which software and tools will you use?

  • FileMaker
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Anchor Buoy database structure knowledge
  • Very organized & Great at planning

Where do you need to be?

Really anywhere. We’re working in the CEST time zone, so this or a timezone with only a few hours difference would be an advantage for a great cooperation. You’re also invited to check into our lovely studio in Vienna and check out everything happening behind the scenes. Whatever floats your boat.

What will be your tasks?

You’ll be developing new modules in an existing FileMaker system, and on top of that set up a database structure design. This will be made in close collaboration with your project partner.

What is my compensation?

The compensation depends on experience and fit for the project, but our starting point is at around 170€ per day.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a journey in the film industry & work on great software with us.

Contact us at talent@arxanima.com – we reply fast!