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Pipeline developer

  • date 17.8.2022
  • task + implement pipeline tools in Blender + create a solution to sync data across multiple sites

Pipeline developer

Are you yearning for your next feature film project? Come join arx anima, a multiple award-winning studio! We are looking for you; a senior Pipeline developer.

About us:

We are arx anima based in Vienna's 5th district and have been producing cinema productions for years. We also have the courage to try every new technical challenge and innovation.

Be it the realization of a high-end MoCap studio in our basement or the construction of the largest render farm in Austria. And besides all the R&D, features, and series we love to work on creatively animated commercials and other service work. For example, we just revived Mozart through an immersive 360° art projection about Vienna in his era.

What are we looking for?

Besides your programming skills in Python and experience with FTP, you’re knowledgeable in the world of 3D programs. For this project, we’re working with Maya, Blender, Nuke and Houdini. Therefore, experience with implementing pipeline solutions for this particular software is critical. But not only is the technical aspect important but also your desire and capability to work with a bigger team.

What will you be working on?

You will be part of the Team producing DIE HEINZELS - NEUE MÜTZEN, NEUE MISSION - The sequel of the already very successful movie: DIE HEINZELS - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen. Together with Seru Animation & Akkord, we’ll produce this movie set for release in the third quarter of 2024. Learn more about the Movie here.

Hard Facts

Tasks: implement pipeline tools in Blender, create a solution to sync data across multiple sites

Soft skills needed: Very organized, Communication skills, Great at planning

Software: Maya, Blender, Nuke, Houdini

Personnel responsibilities: No

Payment: Day Rate: starting at 240€ but willing to increase depending on experience

Startdate: As soon as possible

Location: Homeoffice
Weekly hours: 20+ as Freelancer or Employee

So what are you waiting for?

Apply here …


… and we’ll reach out to you very soon. Can’t wait!