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Senior After FX Compositor

  • date 31.05.2022
  • for Senior After FX Compositor
  • task Composition in After Effects Organising workflows

Senior after fx compositor

Have you ever worked at a multiple award winning studio? Nope? Well, take the opportunity while it lasts, because we are looking for you; a senior after FX compositor.

About us:

We’re arx anima located in the 5th district of Vienna brewing up cinema productions for years now. Besides that we have the guts to try every new technical challenge and innovation you’d think of.

Currently we’re reviving the 18th century–don’t worry, not the great plague–we’re talking about Mozart. When he was the biggest rockstar in Austria, he lived in what’s now the shopping-mall “Steffl” and that’s exactly where we will fill an entire room with an immersive, 360 degree art projection. We’re talking about a solid 48 meters of animated art - or about 5 times 4k resolution for an entire 10 minutes displaying a travel through Vienna in 1700.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a senior compositor that’s tech savvy and knows how to work with timely deadlines. Because of the nature of our current project, it’s important to be a good communicator. There aren’t predefined workflows for everything and that’s why being a team player is especially important!

What skills do you need?

  • After Effects (must have)
  • Nuke (should have)
  • Ebsynth (optional)
  • Good understanding of light/shadow
  • A strong feeling for composition
  • Understanding of painting (painting background would be amazing)
  • Being organized, happy to communicate and be resilient
  • And if you’re also tech savvy we’ll love you

Where it’s at:

While some home-office is possible, for this project the majority of time has to be spent on site.

Wehrgasse 9 - arx anima

But once you’ve seen the studio you’ll be grateful for that – promise.

Why work at arx and not anywhere else?

Besides our lovely studio with a beautiful sunny courtyard filled with tables and chairs for a perfect lunch break at arx you’ll get:

  • Bonuses and discount codes from gym to shopping
  • Regular parties that besides pizza and beer also come with great company
  • Obviously coffee and little snacks & vitamins
  • And most importantly: work experience on some the biggest animation projects in Europe, which you’ll benefit from in your career

So what are you waiting for?

Apply here …


… and we’ll reach out to you very soon. Can’t wait!