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Chief Accountant f/m

  • date 04.08.2020
  • for Chief Accountant f/m

Chief accountant

Part-time, 20h/week with the possibility to change to full time

You knew how to calculate before you knew how to speak?

You are eager to work in a modern and dynamic company?

You prefer sneakers before your business outfit?

You are curious to discover new shores, away from Outlook, landline phones and steep hierarchies?

You enjoy changing and improving existing processes and you are confident to objurgate the CEO if his documentation is lacking?

You like to talk about ongoing projects, at the same time you keep sensitive information for yourself?

You report a broken light bulb although this is not part of your task description?

You are happy to receive a cake for your birthday and you share it with the team?

You love to make kids laugh with our movies and series?

You feel more than comfortable in an international environment?

You are Excel- and technical oriented, you love to jiggle with numbers and you are deeply in love with Pivot tables?

You know how to google our company in order to get to know us better?

You are really Chief Accountant?

If you can answer all the above questions with ‘yes’ and it sounds alluring to you, check out what is awaiting you in the team of arx anima.

Your responsibilities:

  • Channeling and preparing of the accounting
  • Receipts here, invoicing there, transactions everywhere
  • Communication with debtors and creditors
  • Bring the numbers and budgets together
  • Liquidity planning at the current sourcing
  • Cost accounting, preparation of year-end closings, creation of economic evaluations
  • You connect us with our tax consultant, funding agencies, authorities and banks and translate trade language so that we are able to understand it as well

What we DO evaluate:

  • Your experience
  • Your level of numeracy
  • Your approachability
  • Your proactivity
  • Your solution orientation
  • Your reliability
  • Your independence
  • Your level of German (authorities will become friends)
  • Your level of English (instead of sending us all your fancy certificates better send us an interesting motivation letter)

What we do NOT evaluate:

  • Your age
  • Your origin
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your gender
  • Your hobbies
  • Your food intolerances

What we can NOT offer you:

  • Rigid structures, stuck workflows
  • 5-digit salaries
  • Times where there is nothing to do
  • Barrier-free facilities
  • Parking space (please come to the Studio by bike or public transport)
  • Coworkers which know everything

What we CAN offer you:

  • Top-location in the 5th Viennese district
  • Free coffee, tea and fruits
  • Company events
  • Our salary, which starts with EUR 2.782,- for 40h/week. Blow our mind and we are happy to negotiate
  • Our international team
  • Our joy for human beings which move and develop the company
  • Fruits and vegetables from our own small garden in the courtyard
  • 25 potential new friends

If you feel like you want to be part of this, send your application to