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Tales of Franz is about a small, nervous, self-conscious boy who overcomes obstacles and finds a creative solution to the everyday problems of growing up, always with his two best friends Gabi and Eberhard by his side. From the moment it was launched, almost 20 years ago, Christine Nöstlinger’s charming series, Tales of Franz (Geschichten vom Franz) has captivated children around the world. Instantly engaging, young readers find themselves in the thick of the obstacles Franz faces in partnership with his close friends and family. Franz’s fascinating stories have sold over 2.5 million copies in German speaking territories alone. They have been translated into 28 languages and sold from the US & Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico...) to Asia (China, South Korea, Japan...), as well as all over Europe (France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands...), Russia, Turkey, and even the United Arab Emirates. This success has spawned a multitude of spinoffs such as audiobooks and interactive e-books. Now Franz and his friends are poised to tell their stories thanks to an animated TV series.


arx anima, Nikolaus Geyrhalter Film

Watch the Trailer: Tales of Franz

Watch the Trailer: Tales of Franz

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