Follow Talking Tom and his friends as they chase their big dreams and get tangled up in even bigger adventures. This friendship-focused sitcom brings together all our Talking Tom & Friends characters, and showcases captivating storylines. It’s fun for the whole family!

What this project meant to us:

Soo many loving memories, TTF has been the very first animated series that allowed arx anima to become the company that is today, we had the chance to work on 104 episodes 52x11' (besides specials and so on). We produced everything here, from script to end, we were so committed in creating the best quality possible while keeping the budget in check and looking back at the result we can see the leap forward we made from ep1 to 104... every new episode was a chance to improve and raise the bar! We will always be very grateful of the experience we gained with this project!


Outfit 7, arx anima


Stefan Fjeldmark, Phillip Berg, Greg Manwaring, Fernando Pomares, Lee Stringer, Éric Cazes, Udo Beissel


Tom Martin, Erika Martin, James Woodham, Kevin Pedersen, Matt Gossen, Becky Feldman


Colin Hanks, James Adomian, Lisa Schwartz, Maria Bamford, Brian Stack, Dave Willis

Watch the Trailer: Talking Tom & Friends

Watch the Trailer: Talking Tom & Friends

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